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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buy the Instructor's Edition Book

1.If the teacher uses photocopied tests from a textbook, obtain the book title. These can be purchased online for $15-30.
2.Ensure that the textbook actually contains the test before purchase.
3.Perfect scores can be obtained on tests, quizzes, homework and classwork as well.
4.Simply memorize the answers to the test in question.
5.Solution Manuals can also be obtained in the same manner, though with an higher degree of difficulty.
6.This material can also be used as learning aids, and describe detailed problem solving methods.
7.This may be expensive, so get friends to chip in but don't leak the information.
8.Keep at a secret location.
9.Then whenever a test looms, have him/her copy the necessary pages and distribute them to the group. You will need a credit card to make the purchase though, so bribe an older brother or cousin.


  1. wow i wish I thought of this back in my school days

  2. Replies
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