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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buy the Instructor's Edition Book

1.If the teacher uses photocopied tests from a textbook, obtain the book title. These can be purchased online for $15-30.
2.Ensure that the textbook actually contains the test before purchase.
3.Perfect scores can be obtained on tests, quizzes, homework and classwork as well.
4.Simply memorize the answers to the test in question.
5.Solution Manuals can also be obtained in the same manner, though with an higher degree of difficulty.
6.This material can also be used as learning aids, and describe detailed problem solving methods.
7.This may be expensive, so get friends to chip in but don't leak the information.
8.Keep at a secret location.
9.Then whenever a test looms, have him/her copy the necessary pages and distribute them to the group. You will need a credit card to make the purchase though, so bribe an older brother or cousin.

Various Cheating Tricks

1.Get an opaque mechanical pencil which takes in about 0.7 lead or thicker. Write all your notes on a single piece of paper and roll it up. Pop out the eraser from the pencil and slide your notes in. So whenever you need to look at some notes, pretend that you're changing the lead and sneak a peak at the notes. This works well because a teacher isn't going to look inside your pencil for cheat notes...
Clear Binder: If you have a test where you can have a binder present, use a clear one. Slip the answers under the bind (the clear part), then press hard down on the binder.

Male or female: this will work. Write your test answers on the patch of your skin that lies under the elastic band of your boxers, tighty-whities, bathing suit, or whatever you desire to wear under your pants. If a teacher asks you to lower the elastic band and reveal the answers, an obvious retort would be: "Are you serious?!?! I'm pretty sure that what you just asked me to do is illegal for a teacher to ask. It's very personal, by the way." Look shocked or else they will be very suspicious.

The Watch Cheat: This works best with the watches with a metal band that folds into three pieces and clips together. Take your watch off, and on the inside of the clasp (the parts you can't see when it's closed, but NOT the part against your wrist because it will wear off) you have room to write small notes/formula/whatever with a thin mechanical pencil. Just take your watch off and sit it on your desk, or play with it pretending to think. It can't be seen while you have the watch on, and you can just wipe the notes off with your finger to destroy the evidence.

The Hidden Leg Style (most preferable for students who wear pants): This is really helpful for long essay tests. If you already know what the exam will be but don't know how to answer a long essay, print or write the answer on a long or short bond paper. Before you go to your school or university, wrap the bond paper that you printed around your legs then tape it at both ends but be sure that you can twist the bond paper for you to read the other parts. When the test have started, make your legs to shape like a #4 with the cheating leg on the top then easily pull the part of your pants that covers the bond paper. When the teacher or professor goes around to check, just change the position of your legs or sit down normally and the part of the pants that hides the paper will automatically go down and cover the paper again.

The Invisible Ink: (suggested for people who know that they will be taking their exams in their own classroom): Using security ink that shows up under UV light, write your cheats on the wall before the exam starts (make sure that the wall that you'll be writing on has a small column near it and is discreet, for example below desk level). When you get stuck, focus a UV torch on the invisible ink, and your answer is revealed. Your friends could also bring torches to view the same answers (but ensure you don't tell anyone who is likely to snitch on you if they are caught).

In-Pen Trick: (works best if the teacher uses study carols or dividers to keep you from cheating off each other) You will need a pen with a see-through body so you are able to see the ink cartridge. Print a study guide or small cheat sheet in very small font, but not too small that the writing is illegible (size 6 or 7 is recommended). Next, dismantle the pen and tape the cheat sheet on the inside circumference of the pen's body. Put the pen together again. You should be able to see the cheat sheet inside the pen, if you cannot, disassemble the pen and replace the paper until you can see it.

The Shoe Trick: (This works best if you have shoes you dislike or on Converse that you enjoy writing on.) First, you have to put everything you need to know on the sole or the side of your shoe (the side that if your crossing your legs, you can view) When you are taking the test, act like your crossing you legs (the way the men do it) and look at the side of your shoe. Then when a teacher is walking past, put your leg down.

Skirt Trick 1: (FOR GIRLS WITH SKIRTS) All you have to do is write what you need on your leg where it is covered by your skirt. Slide it up during the test. Teachers cannot ask a girl to lift her skirt up to reveal what you wrote.

Skirt Trick 2: (FOR GIRLS WITH SKIRTS) This works best with short skirts. Write the answers on a piece of paper or cloth and pin them to the inside of your skirt. Lift it up when nobody is watching, and you have your answers. Even if you are "caught" no teacher, especially a male one, is going to ask you to show your "answers".

MP3 Player Required

1.With a cheap microphone, do a voice recording of any and all notes you could need for the exam. Keep every chapter, section, etc. on a different track so it can be easily accessed.

2.Store the audio file on the music player.

3.Ask if you can listen to music while you work. Use the "I did all my studying listening to my music, so 'state-dependent' theory says...blah blah blah" excuse, if you must. If listening is not allowed, put an earphone up your sleeve, or wear a hood. (It is easy to conceal a small earphone without a conspicuous hood if you have long hair.)

4.Listen to your "music" during the test.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cheating on Tests, Cheating on Quizzes, Cheating on Exams, Anything.

This blog in light of everyone going back to school is going to be focused primarily on test cheating techniques that can be put to use in the comming classes. There will be many updates and anything that others find you're more than welcome to share and I'll post them up.